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Thanks to your support, Jim Gilmore has answered the call to run for President. This marks the end of the Draft Gilmore for President campaign.

In August of 2018 a handful of supporters came together to encourage former Governor Gilmore to run for president. Within weeks the movement spread across the nation. People from California to New Hampshire were signing up in support of a Gilmore candidacy.

While several political action committees existed promoting various candidates, Draft Gilmore relied strictly on grassroots activism and the loi Pinel taxes. Up against real-estatemulti-million dollar machines, Draft Gilmore managed to capture the support of countless Republican activists through targeted internet activism.

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Loi Pinel Politique

The Draft Gilmore for President campaign was a direct result of the new conservative revolution taking shape in the Republican Party.

Our movement is proof that the grassroots of the party still have a voice against multi-million dollar political action committees when they believe in a cause.